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A Little Italy on a Little Island

The large bay window is thrown wide open, making the restaurant one large space.  The nine tables are arranged in neat rows and covered with the mandatory red and white tablecloth.  Each table hosts a glass vase cradling a fully opened crimson rose. Masts from the sailboats in the harbour sway in the warm breeze… Continue reading A Little Italy on a Little Island


In the beginning…

Beginnings are like sunrises, they bring the promise of a new journey and they seem to have a special quality about them that wipes the slate from the previous day clean.  They are refreshing, revitalizing and rewarding.  Every great journey has a beginning, every great story has a beginning and every great idea has a beginning.  Some beginnings are easier to define than others.  Take this blog, for instance.  This is the beginning...or is it?