In the beginning…

IMG_0174Beginnings are like sunrises, they bring the promise of a new journey and they seem to have a special quality about them that wipes the slate from the previous day clean.  They are refreshing, revitalizing and rewarding.  Every great journey has a beginning, every great story has a beginning and every great idea has a beginning.  Some beginnings are easier to define than others.  Take this blog, for instance.  This is the beginning…or is it? The stories that I hope to tell here are the beginning (and the middle, and, eventually, the end).  There have been other stories and other blogs that have come and gone (or rather, been swallowed by the G**gle behemoth and chewed until they are no longer usable)…so now, we have a new beginning.

In an effort to improve my writing and, perhaps, inspire me to continue to write about what I enjoy, I signed up for an online course through UBC for Food and Travel Writing.  It has been inspiring and educational.  I have discovered that I like to write in short bursts (certainly not as a profession) and the deadlines imposed by the course have ensured a steady flow of product.  Now that the class is coming to an end, I will attempt to keep myself going and post on a regular basis.  I intend to write about almost anything that grabs my fancy, though mainly about food and travel.  The course has opened my eyes to the different angles and forms that food and travel writing can take.  It’s not all recipes and restaurant reviews (though that is certainly part of what I will do), but it can be about hard news topics (deforestation, slave labour, climate change).  Don’t worry, I shall attempt not to drag this recording of tiny snippets of my life down into the sadness and frustration that seems to be percolating the world right now.

So…here goes…ok, not right now, but in a few days when I get the next post written.

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